CIW’s “Now is the Time” Tour hits the road! Wendy’s & Publix must “understand that they are a necessary part of bringing justice to the fields”and “do the right thing.”

March 5, 2014 – In the wan light of an Immokalee dawn, dozens of farmworkers gathered at the CIW for a moment of reflection before embarking on the ten-day, ten-city, “Now is the Time” Tou that will take them up to Wendy’s headquarters in Columbus, OH, swing through 5 Southeast states, and come to a close in Publix’s hometown of Lakeland, FL.

As farmworkers prepared to set out on the journey, Pastor Miguel from Immokalee’s Mission Peniel shared some moving words that capture the message farmworkers will bring to Wendy’s and Publix doorsteps this March 5-15th:

You are the couriers of a fundamental message amidst the reality in which farmworkers find themselves. The need for justice is essential… and so we will continue to invite Publix and Wendy’s to come and reconcile with farmworkers so that they understand that they are a necessary part of bringing justice to those that work in the fields. And today, we ask that they repent… that they repent for the reality that they have fostered where there is no justice.

And today, as 12 multi-billion dollar retailers – most recently Walmart – have committed to upholding and advancing the rights and dignity of tens of thousands of farmworkers, with each passing day, it becomes more and more inexcusable that Publix and Wendy’s have refused to adhere to the Fair Food standards. As our allies at WhyHunger wrote on their blog:

Following the landmark success of Walmart’s joining the Fair Food Program in January, the CIW tour will send the clear message that “now is the time” for these two retailers to join the most comprehensive Program for social responsibility in US agriculture and uphold the rights and dignity of farmworkers in their supply chain. 

“Publix and Wendy’s: The children of Immokalee invite you to walk the path of justice with us. Join the Fair Food Program!”

As 23-year-old farmworker Wilson Perez said in a recent interview with the Fort Myers News Press, “I have lived something children will one day read about. And it’s something that’s still going on.”

We invite you to come and be part of writing that history, and together send the message to Publix and Wendy’s that “Now is the time” to end their stubborn resistance to the Program and get on the right side of history.

Join us for major actions at Wendy’s and Publix headquarters!
March 8-9: Columbus, OH & March 14-15: Lakeland, FL